Industry Delegation Promotes Canadian Beef Cattle in China

For immediate release: Calgary, Alberta
August 20, 2018


At the invitation of the China Agricultural University- Beef Cattle Research Center, several representatives of the Canadian beef cattle industry presented at the 3rd China’s National Symposium on Applied Techniques and Industry Economics in Beef Production from July 27-29, 2018.

Representing the Canadian Beef Breeds Council in the symposium were Michael Latimer, Executive Director- Canadian Beef Breeds Council; Garner Deobald, Past President- Canadian Beef Breeds Council; Brian Good, Director of Field Service- Canadian Angus Association; Bruce Holmquist, General Manager- Canadian Simmental Association; Doug Mann, President- Canadian Hereford Association; Stephen Scott, General Manager- Canadian Hereford Association; Mel Reekie, General Manager- Canadian Charolais Association; Anne Brunet-Burgess, General Manager- Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

The delegates formally presented information on several aspects of Canadian beef cattle production and genetic improvement within the production chain to the approximately 450 symposium attendees. The topics included a general overview of the structure of the beef cattle industry, traceability of livestock in Canada, adapting breeds for regional environments and markets, data collection and use in genetic evaluations, and breed association role in maintaining accurate pedigrees. There were numerous other presenters from Canada as well as the United States, Ireland and China.

The second annual China-Canada Beef Industry Alliance meeting was held during the symposium and highlighted the activities that have taken place between Canada and China over the past year which included an outbound mission to attend Farmfair International in Edmonton in November 2017 as well as an inbound technical session with Canadian Angus CEO-Rob Smith and Travis Olson, OLE Farms in April 2018.

The delegates were invited to visit several farms in China including the China Agriculture University research farm in Beijing and the Kingbull Farm in Xi’An China. The ability to visit the farms and hold technical discussions assisted in initiating a dialogue that provided a practical understanding of beef cattle production in China. It is evident that China is looking to modernize beef cattle production in order to provide for a population of 1.4 billion.

“Canada has enjoyed a long and successful history of exporting genetics and beef products to China,” said Latimer. “We currently have access for bovine semen and embryos, as well as a wide range of beef products, which we are hopeful will be expanded to include live cattle in the near future.”

The Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) represents the Canadian purebred cattle industry. Its members include national breed associations that in turn represent producers of breeding stock. Associate CBBC members are exporters and service providers. The Canadian Beef Breeds Council exists to represent & promote Canadian pedigreed beef cattle genetics domestically and internationally. The Canadian Beef Breeds Council is the recognized representative of Canadian seed stock producers by government and industry, while effectively promoting Canada as the source of quality beef cattle genetics.

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