Who We Are


To be the world leader in developing profitable and sustainable beef cattle genetics.


To be the catalyst advancing the Canadian beef cattle seedstock sector through unified representation, strategic alliances and implementation of innovative technology.


SUPPORT the Canadian seedstock sector by developing partnerships that advance genetic improvement, research, extension services, information dissemination and our role in Canada’s National Beef Strategy.

PROMOTE Canadian beef genetics both domestically and internationally by identifying market opportunities and facilitating market development.

REPRESENT the Canadian seedstock sector to government by advocating effective policy and ensuring meaningful market access and enhanced competitiveness.

What is CBBC?

The Canadian Beef Breeds Council exists to connect the Canadian beef cattle seedstock and genetics industry to the world. CBBC is an incorporated operating division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. CBBC is a national not-for-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors chosen from within our Membership and Associate Members. It is funded through membership dollars and through administering collaborative industry projects. The mandate is to SUPPORT, PROMOTE and REPRESENT the Canadian beef cattle seedstock sector. CBBC Membership is available to all Canadian beef breed associations recognized under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada. Associate Membership in the Council is available to industry organizations, export companies, livestock exhibitions or individuals who assist in the fulfilment of the mandate of the Council.

What does CBBC do?

CBBC works to provide relevant, evidence based information on the Canadian beef industry as well as market intelligence on the global beef cattle industry to assist members develop and implement international marketing programs. CBBC does not directly buy or sell genetics or live cattle. It exists to connect buyers and sellers as well as promote the attributes of Canadian beef cattle genetics within Canada and internationally.

As a member of the Canadian Beef Advisors, CBBC works closely with the Canadian Cattlemen Association, Canada Beef Inc, Beef Cattle Research Council, National Cattle Feeders Association, Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and the Canadian Meat Council to meet the goals outlined in Canada’s National Beef Strategy. CBBC also works closely with the Canadian federal government specifically Agriculture Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. CBBC is proud to be a founding partner in the Canadian Beef Industry Conference held annually.

CBBC plays an integral role in assisting its members with international promotional initiatives and strategy development. With support from AAFC AgriMarketing funding and through the International Market Development Strategy (IMDS) developed in collaboration with our members, the beef cattle industry is able to participate in a wide variety of activities. These include but are not limited to government trade missions, livestock shows, world breed forums and participation in industry events. These add value directly to seedstock producers and the industry through the promotion of Canadian beef cattle genetics.