CBBC Holds its Annual General Meeting in Calgary March 26, 2013

Members of the Canadian Beef Breeds Council recently met in Calgayr to approve a new direction for the Council. A new by-law changes the governance structure of the Council by replacing the 24 person appointed Board of Directors with a nine person elected board. Executive Director, Doug Fee said, “This change reflects a significant change in the way the Board fundtions instead of a large group of Directors each representing their own individual breeds the membership has elected a representative group who must put breed bias aside and make policy decisions for the seedstock sector as a whole.

The new direction is the culmination of a full year’s work with Agriteam Canada Consulting who facilitated an extensive review with all members and insutry partners. Outgoing President Byron Templeton is excited about the direction. He said “In the past Council relied way too much on a small executive to make policy decisions but now a smaller group can better represent the members and help develop policies that will better promote the improvement and use of registered beef cattle seedstock in Canada.”

Newly elected President David Bolduc warns that the Council work is far from finished. “We have an improved structure but still need to establish a communication program that keeps all our members involved and informed. We also need to better promote the value of registered steedstock in Canada and abroad.”, he said.

In other business, Doug Fee the Executive Director said that “in addition to the efforts committed to the governance review the Council accomplished other significant goals. A multi-year International Marketing Plan has been written and approved, promotional activities have been sponsored in six international markets and members are reporting significant sales of Canadian genetics in all markets. There is every reason to remain optimistic in the coming year.”, he said.

The newly elected Board of Directors are:

David Bolduc – President

Garnert Deobald – Vice PResident

Byron Templeton – Past President

Rob Smith – Director

Gordon Stephenson – Director

Wendy Belcher – Director

Rod Remin – Director

Roger Peters – Director

Gary Smith – Director

CBBC’s vision is to provide a unified voice in support of the purebred genetics provided within the Canadian beef cattle industry. Its mission is to ensure the continuity, growth and prosperity of the Canadian purebred cattle sector as an integral component of the Canadian beef cattle industry.

Its mandate is to support Canadian purebred cattle producers through service provision aimed at genetic improvement, animal health, extension services and information dissemination; promote Canadian beef cattle genetics both domestically and internationally by identifying market opportunities, facilitating access through timely intelligence and informing the commercial industry of the attributes of the Canadian beef advantage both at home and abroad; represent the purebred cattle sector to government by advocating effective policy, ensuring market access and enhancing competitiveness.