CBBC Holds its 20th Annual General Meeting

Canadian Beef Breeds Council’s  20th Annual General Meeting was held in the Alberta Beef Producers Board Room and was well attended by members, associates and guests.  President David Bolduc shared that “We have an improved board structure and have established a communication program that keeps all our members involved and informed.  We are working more effectively to promote the value of registered seedstock in Canada and abroad.”

The newly elected Board of Directors are:

David Bolduc – President
Garner Deobald – Vice President
Byron Templeton – Past President
Wendy Belcher – Director
Anne Brunet-Burgess – Director
Roger Peters – Director
Rod Remin – Director
Bruce Holmquist – Director

CBBC’s vision is to provide a unified voice in support of the purebred genetics provided within the Canadian beef cattle industry.  Its mission is to ensure the continuity, growth and prosperity of the Canadian purebred cattle sector as an integral component of the Canadian beef cattle industry.

Its mandate is to support Canadian purebred cattle producers through service provision aimed at genetic improvement, animal health, extension services and information dissemination; promote Canadian beef cattle genetics both domestically and internationally b identifying market opportunities, facilitating access through tinmely intelligence and informing the commercial industry of the attributes of the Canadian Beef Advantage both at home and abroad; represent the purebred cattle sector to government by advocating effective policy, ensuring market access and enhancing competitiveness.