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Since the first importations to Canada, Simmental has grown in popularity and has become one of the nation’s most influential breeds. Outstanding growth and performance, combined with unbeatable milk and mothering abilities has resulted in the superior Canadian Simmental beef animal of today.

The Simmental female is recognized globally as one of the best mother cows in the commercial cattle industry. Cattlemen have found them to be profitable, docile animals that possess superior carcass characteristics. These attributes have positioned Simmental as the breed of choice in cross-breeding programs with all other cattle breeds. The unparalleled success of Canadian Simmentals has resulted in them being exported to many countries around the world.

The Canadian Simmental Association (CSA) is the national organization focused on the development of the breed and its distinctive strengths and is continually working to deliver services that enhance the breed’s performance and marketability. Through the CSA’s performance and “Total Herd” data recording programs, breeders benefit from having accurate, complete and up-to-date records that can be used to identify cattle within a herd and within the breed that excel in specific traits.

These records also enable the CSA to continue to develop programs that assist cattlemen in identifying and selecting cattle that excel for various economically important traits; ultimately strengthening the breed and creating a superior animal. Our programs lead the industry in the development of tools that support and promote the advancement of not only the Simmental breed but also the future needs of the beef industry.

The selection and breeding programs implemented by Simmental breeders and the CSA, along with the superior genetic attributes of Simmental cattle, have all contributed to the present-day success of the breed.