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Hays Converter is the first beef breed developed by a Canadian livestock producer which was recognized as a pure breed and registered under provisions of the Animal Pedigree Act in Canada. Since its conception, the Hays Converter has produced superior animals with selection based solely on performance.

Hays Converters are larger, well-fleshed and long-bodied. Strong legs and good feet add hardiness and longevity. Particularly noticeable are the excellent udders of the cows. Mature females weigh between 1250-1450 pounds and mature bulls average between 2200 and 2400 pounds in breeding condition.

Hays Converter cows produce abundant milk, calve easily and wean a 550 to 650 pound calf.

Hays Converter cows mature early, breed early and produce outstanding calves yearly regardless of the breed of the sire they are mated to an excellent cross.