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Get More Muscle For Less!
LIMOUSIN – the genetic leader for muscle, growth, efficiency.

  • Best adapted continental breed for the case-ready beef industry.
  • Proven as the top breed for feed conversion.
  • Superior muscle
  • High weaning and yearling muscle growth with moderate birth weight.
  • Highest red meat yield of any major breed.
  • Uniform size and color
  • Best Cross with British Based Females
  • Carcass Champion, Canadian Western Agribition for 28 consecutive years.
  • Superior Canadian Health status.
  • Exceptional pedigree integrity*

*The Canadian Limousin Association carries the only Full French Limousin Herd book in the world that guarantees every single registered Full Blood animal is parent verified by DNA genotyping or bloodtyping.

Imported to Canada in 1968 from France, Limousin is one of the five major breeds in Canada and in the United States. The Limousin breed has an important economic role in today’s beef industry. Known throughout the world as the carcass breed, Limousin cattle excel in feed efficiency and have proven to consume less than other animals of the same size and yet perform to equal or superior levels. The Limousin female is appreciated In commercial production for her easy maintenance, her fertility and milking ability while Limousin sired calves are sought after for their feed conversion and high quality carcass. This genetic achievement is the result of selection based on carcass and residual feed intake research and development throughout the North American Limousin population.

The Canadian Limousin Association (CLA) is a non-profit, member-owned organization. Our primary function is to maintain the pedigree herdbook of Limousin cattle in Canada. We are committed to the improvement of the Limousin breed by way of performance programs, research, education, advertising and promotion, and export.