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CBBC’s Vision and Member Benefits

The CBBC helps to connect its membership with domestic and international customers.  In turn, the CBBC also provides a reciprocal connection, thereby, connecting domestic and international customers with its members.  This is achieved through CBBC’s participation in domestic and international core activities throughout the year.  Those activities involve participation in domestic roundtables, committees and working groups as well as sponsorship and participation at livestock shows around the world.

As an umbrella organization for the purebred beef cattle sector in Canada, the CBBC is also a main point for its members to access international activities.  Through the organization’s Long-term International Strategy (LTIS), CBBC members engage in international activities, which adds a distinct element of value to the marketing and promotion of Canadian beef cattle genetics.  The CBBC provides administration services for the LTIS process, which is an integral part of the organization.

The Canadian Beef Breeds Council (CBBC) is a non-profit association that promotes the continual genetic improvement and value of our Registered Beef Cattle.  CBBC membership is available to all of the 33 breeds of beef cattle recognized under the Canadian Animal Pedigree Act, which is administered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  Associate membership in the Council is offered to industry partners who either work with breed associations to promote registered seedstock or export firms that work to export our cattle and genetics internationally.

The Council does not directly market genetics but exists to introduce interested clients to experts and those who do market genetics.  As a promotional arm for its members, the CBBC works to provide factual information on the Canadian Beef Advantage and help members develop and implement international marketing programs.  Within Canada, CBBC maintains a close liaison with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and with government agencies such as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to keep members informed of changing health regulations and other pertinent issues that affect the industry.

The CBBC is governed by an elected Board of Directors chosen by our members and associates.  The Board provides policy direction to the Executive Director, who is responsible for providing a unified voice that supports and promotes the value of our purebred registered beef cattle.  Canada has a strong and vibrant beef cattle industry, and our seedstock producers are an integral component of that industry.  The Council works for its members to encourage genetic improvement and animal health, while representing them to government with a single voice.

There are approximately 10,000 independent breeders of registered beef cattle in Canada.  The CBBC is very proud of the divergence and the quality of Canadian beef cattle genetics and welcomes the opportunity we have to promote and market the Canadian Beef Advantage, both domestically and internationally.  We will welcome all inquiries and do our utmost to respond to each one and connect you with the most appropriate member or associate.